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Mar 2017

Message: I am interested in a quote for commercial applications. We have a commercial pool that is app 220,000 liters and would like to convert to use one of your solar pool heaters.

Dated on : 06-09-2014

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Arnie, I would need to know a few things to help you with a design. 1. Where is pool located 2. season of use 3. current heating type 4. Approx current heating cost 5. Is a cover used 6. Approx dimension   Thanks   Dan Jung  

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-09-2014

Hi Dan, the pool is located at Sun Peaks BC app 45 km from the city of Kamloops BC. Base elevation is app 1200 meters. The pool is in use year round. It is 46 ft diameter and depth of app 5 ft(round pool). Currently we use boilers and heat exchangers to heat the pool. We also have radiant heat in the pool deck to keep snow melted in winter. Boilers are propane fired and we use app $45000 in propane for the season. The building itself is heated with an air handler with radiant coil supplied from the boilers. We use an insulated cover on the pool to help with heat retention. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions. Regards  Arnie B

Post By : Arnie B  Dated On : 06-10-2014

Hi Arnie, I will provide you  with a quote and simulation report to your e-mail address that was provided in the next couple of days. Thanks Alan 

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-11-2014

Thanks Alan, looking forward to your quote Best Regards  Arnie B 

Post By : Arnie B Dated On : 06-11-2014


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