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Dec 2012



 I built a new home last year and unfortunately didn’t know about this program at that time. However, I am potentially interested but have a few questions:


  • Do I need to replace my current electric water heater, which is pretty much brand new?
  • I have quite a bit of roof room and my home faces southwest, would I be able to divert any excess electricity generated against the rest of my home’s electricity usage?
  • What would be the average cost of doing something like this?


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Dated on : 13-12-2011


Replies :

Phil, no you don't need to change your existing heater.  You would use solar as a supplement to the existing heater.  The solar storage tank would feed the electric tank with pre heated water there by reducing its energy consumption and increasing its life.   You could expand the system to include a second heat zone by having the excess heat feed your furnace or boiler.  The average cost of a complete home heating system (water and space heat) runs about 10-12K.  You can find prices of our pre configured solar heating packages.



Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 29-07-2011


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