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Feb 2015

Message: I am researching solar forced air heating for my house and am looking for information on sizing a solar heating system.  My heat loss is 87000 but.  I see on your site that you talk about forced air as an option.  Will your forced air system do the job?   I have a south facing roof and get about 6 hrs sun in the winter. Average heating degree days is 4400.   Can you give me an idea of what I might need and the cost?  I realize you will only be estimating so I will not hold you to anything-just need an idea.  Thanks.

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Tom, Where are you located? What is the square footage of your home? Is your heating system electric or natural gas> I suggest you consider also adding your domestic hot water into requirement .How many people in the home what size is your existing domestic hot water tank is it electric or natural gas. Along with the complete solar package  we offer a  second  heat loop that fits into your existing force air furnace duct  and hot air is distribute by your furnace fan.  Alan

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I am located in Asheville NC, heating system is oil furnace-70's era 150,000 BTU, house sq footage is 1650-2000 if you count the 2 basement rooms, I put in a 40 gal electric  hot water heater this summer-not big enough really-2 people in the house but engineer for 4.  And hot air is forced by fan.=-and old reliable Thermo Pride but inefficient.  I also heat a lot w wood stove to keep the furnace off.  Thanks for the prompt reply.  I am quite adept at plumbing and carpentry and have a friend who is a union carpenter.  I liked the fact your site encourages user installation.   Thomas Reardon om  

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   06:37 AM , 25 Feb 2014

hello my name is mark

i am trying to put a budget together on a new home i am going to build. I live in wv and own some land and plan to build an earth berm home. the south face of the home will all exposed with as much light

as i can get . I will use ICF blocks and plan to have 6 foot of earth or more on sides and 4 foot on my roof.

i want radint heat in the floors. the home is about 2000 sq ft  i plan to use the best r value windows i can get. was planning on useing a outside wood burning unit but was told by a contractor to check into this system  so how big a size pack system do i need


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