Small Solar Hot Water Systemby Admin
Apr 2014

Message: Hello.  I require a very small solar hot water heater that I can mount on the roof of my cottage.   The solar hot water storage capacity should be a minimum of 20 litres.   The water pressure into my cottage is approximately 40 psi.    I do not have electricity.   Can you sell me such a product and, if so, what would be cost landed in Vancouver, Canada.

Dated on : 03-24-2013


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Hi Steve, Sorry we do not carry that size or type of solar heating product. The smallest we have is a 50 gallon solar water tank.  All our solar heating systems are closed loop and woudl require electricity to run the pump station.  However the pumps are very efficient at about 40 Watts of power  Thank-you Alan

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 03-24-2013


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