Solar Hot Water System for Denverby Admin
Oct 2013

Message: I love your site and your concept of keep it simple is exactly what I am looking for.  We live in Denver Colorado and there are just 4 people in our house.  I was looking to start with just solar hot water and then possibly add more collectors down the road and expand the system to include solar space heating.   My question is, should I upgrade the solar storage tank to the larger size?   Thanks   Tim

Dated on : 10-25-2012


Replies :

Tim Yes that is certainly a smart idea.  All our solar heating packages are sized according to the number of solar collectors so if you are thinking about adding collectors in the future then now is the best time to upgrade your tank as it will save you money in the long run.  So I would suggest the 119 gallon solar storage tank as this will give you lots of room for expansion in the future.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 10-25-2012


Thanks Dan,   I will be placing my order early next week.  Again Great Site!   Tim

Post By : Tim Swanson Dated On : 10-25-2012

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