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Oct 2013

Message: Would like to power my home. How do I know what I need? Do we need batteries to hold the power made? How do we tie into the grid? Help, as you can see I love the idea but do not know where to start. Thanks

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Our specialty is solar hot water heating, where the sun is used to produce hot water which can be used for a variety of heating applications.  This achieves very high efficiencies, but does not produce electricity.  What you are interested is PV Solar, which involves different type of solar panels that produce electricity.  These are, with current technology, about 15% efficient.  Yes the electricity these PV panels produce is used to charge batteries and the batteries in turn are connected to an inverter that produces 120 volts  ac.  Suggest you find some articles on the internet that explain "photo voltaic solar panel systems".   Dieter Northern Lights Solar Solutions

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