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Nov 2013

Message: Hi there, I am interested in the vacuum tube Solar for hot water and forced air supplementation. I was reading your website and have the basics down but am a little confused in regards to a few things. First of all we have a 1140 sq/ft home with a fully finished basement in Manitoba by Iles Des Chenes . We currently heat with forced air only and have an electric hot water heater. I was looking at supplementing both. I was also curious about some heat exchangers in the basement to supplement that space. I was thing maybe 4 or so. I was a little unclear as to the size of system I would need for that. I was possibly looking at the hot water and forced air and seeing how that goes. If that goes well then Mayberry expanding to heat exchangers in basement. I am an avide DIY guy and would be looking at doing this all myself. I noticed all the systems come with a heating tank and was reading in your FAQ that an electric water heater could be converted for this purpose? I was am little unclear as how that setup would transfer heat to existing water in the house. Is there a heat exchanger that would have to retrofitted somewhere? Do you have any stats for the Manitoba area in regards to cost savings. I was just looking at a cost analysis to see if the system is worth installing. I have in the part looked at other sources of heating and found that electric came in cheaper everytime. Is local pickup available in order to save shipping? What exactly are the rebates that we have available for Solor in Manitoba? Anyway those are my initial questions, imam sure I will have more once I start to look at the system configuration. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rob, Yes we have solar water heaters that will assist both your domestic hot water requirements and 2nd heat loop designed to assist your force air furnace.Question how many people in the home  need to determine your daily domestic hot water usage? I would suspect you need our SWH-2 complete solar kit with 2nd heat loop for force air furnace. Website pricing for that  entire kit is $9000.00 taxes are extra product could be pick-up at our Winnipeg warehouse. Estimated return on investment is 8 to 10 years based on Manitoba hydro electrical kWh rates  Please refer to this website for more information on all our solar heating systems. If you would like to see a solar system in operation you are certainly welcome to see my system in operation  going into 3rd winter season.  Incentives available are Manitoba green tax of 10% for total cost of installation Manitoba Hydro has a financing program available up to $7500.00. Thank-you Alan Anderson Northern Lights Solar Solutions #20 305 McKay Avenue Winnipeg, MB R2G 0N5 Canada 1-800-317-9054 ext. 226 e-mail [email protected]  

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