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Sep 2014

Message: Hi there I have come across your site and think that you guys have it covered when it comes to solar water heating.  I was wondering if you have any thermosiphon solar water heater kits that use no pumps?  I have seen seen these in the Caribbean but cant seem to find them in USA?   The ones that I have seen have the tank and vacuum tube collectors integrated into one unit? Thanks Dennis

Dated on : 09-26-2013

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Dennis yes I believe what you are referring to is the integrated solar water heaters that we do stock?  These have a 80 gallon stainless steel water tank and work by thermosiphon.  When the hot water tap is turned on the cold water is replaced in the solar tank to be reheated again by the solar vacuum tubes.  These units come in 30 tube collectors and are made of stainless steel both inside the water tank as well as outside.  Because they use thermosiphon where by hot water rises, there is no requirement for a pump that can fail and cost money to operate.   Dan Jung

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Great this is exactly what I was looking for.   We had friend in St Lucia and they have this on their house.  It worked very well and we never seemed to run out of hot water.   I live in Florida and electricity is getting very expensive so I am surprised we don't see these type of thermosiphon solar water heaters on every roof.   I see the price is 2745 which is very reasonable and I get my 30% federal tax credit off this!!!!  I love when the government pays.   I will call you this week to place an order   Dennis

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Very good Dennis.  I am not sure why these have not caught on in North America.  I was in Greece last year and every hotel and house had a thermosiphon solar water heater of some kind on the roof top.   Dan Jung

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 09-24-2013

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   11:55 AM , 25 Feb 2014

We had a house in Spain and had a thermosiphon solar water heating system very similar to what you sell.  It worked great and we always had hot water.   I believe it also had a back up heating element inside so not sure how that worked.   Do these Thermosiphon solar water heaters have heating elements?


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