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Jan 2015

Message: Hi there I have been doing lots of research on solar heating and I have read that the solar vacuum tubes get much hotter than a flat plate solar collectors and are more effective during winter months?  I have an application that requires very hot water.  We own a large dairy farm and have to disinfect with hot water daily.   We use about 1000 gallons per day at 180 F. We are located in New Jersey and the winters can get very cold.   I really like your systems especially your commercial water heating packages.  Please let me know  if this would work our water heating project.   Gilles

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Gilles you are very correct in your analysis.  Solar vacuum tubes are able to operate at a much higher temperature than flat panels.  As such a solar vacuum tube collector can get much hotter and is ideal when the applications calls for water temperatures above 120 F.  They also operate under a much flatter efficiency curve.  This means that the will outperform all other collectors as the temperature outside drops.  Yes our solar commercial water heating packages are turn key ready to go.  We have had many large scale dairy projects so if you need a reference please let us know.  New Jersey like most states has a great incentive program for commercial installations such as your dairy operation. Dan

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Dan that sound great, ?I will call you to discuss the project on Friday as I am out of town for the next few days. ?Gilles

Post By : Gilles Sanders Dated On : 01-08-2014

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