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Jul 2014

Message: Alan, I received your solar report after I submitted my request from the energy savings calculator.  It is very impressive and the predicted energy savings are equally as impressive.  However in the graph you provide in the report it shows that that the pool temperature will exceed 90 F in July and August.  My question is, is there a way to turn off the system.  I know you sell solar covers for the collectors and this system like the best method to reduce the heat in the summer. I also see that the report shows 70% of our domestic hot water needs and 50% of our heating needs will be met.  This is very good news as we just received another notification of increase in electrical costs!.

Dated on : 07-26-2013

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George nice hear that you saw value in our solar heating simulation reports as we do each one manually to ensure it is accurate.  As for your question regarding the pool temperature, in the simulation I have included a variable of 23 hours of the day the pool will be covered.  This will generally always result in the pool getting too hot in the summer months especially in the souther USA.  To fix this you would simply remove the cover for a longer period perhaps even for the full 24 hours.   The evening hours are where the pool will quickly loose its heat energy with out a pool cover.  Only in extremely hot climates would you possibly need to add solar heater covers to stop the heat energy completely.   These can be found on our store.

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 07-26-2013

Dan, thanks for answering my questions.  This makes a lot of sense.  We do normally use our pool cover for most of the summer and it would be great if the solar pool heating system would allow us to remove the cover in the summer as it is a pain in the you know what!  I will be in touch in the next couple weeks. G.

Post By : George Stevens Dated On : 07-26-2013

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