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Jul 2014

Message: Hi there I am from Northern Alberta in Canada and we get lots of sunlight.   I have been through your site and see that you have both solar hot water as well as solar home heating pacakges.  We have a small house of about 1200 square feet.  Can you tell me how well a solar water heater would work in  Canada?   Thanks   Dean

Dated on : 07-06-2013

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Dean, we use solar vacuum tubes which are ideal for Norhtern Climates.  Solar water heater in Canada are becoming very popular especially to use as winter heating.  The most popular means is to use the solar water heaters with infloor heating or forced air.  Below is a diagram of how are systems work.  Our complete packages come with component and the Plug n' Save design makes installation quick and reliable.  In Canada each collector will provide about 2 MW annually of heating energy.  When sizing a solar water heater in Canada I would recomment one collector for each 300 square feet of heating space so in your senario I would suggest the solar water heating packgage SWH-4 with the 2nd heating zone.


solar water heaters in Canada

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 07-06-2013


Thanks for the information.  This looks really interesting!  Can you tell me the approx cost to ship to Edmonton, AB in Canada?   We can pick it up at the depot as we live on a farm and delivery can be difficult. Dean

Post By : Dean Randal Dated On : 07-06-2013


Dean we can offer you free shipping to Edmonton.  I would suggest you would need a truck or small trailer to transport the solar water heating package.  Time frame is about 2 weeks delivery from the time you place your order.  All items are instock and the vacuum tube collectors come with a 10 year warranty.   Thanks   Dan Jung

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 07-06-2013

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