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Feb 2014

Message: I have done lots of research and we live in the the North East USA.   We have a family of 4 and I really think the vacuum tubes are the way to go.   What size of a system would your recommend.  We are mostly just interested in heating our domestic hot water as I have two teenage girls and they use allot of water.   J

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Jeff thanks for your enquiry.  Our Solar Water Heating 1 (SWH-1) Package is the one I would recommend for your family.  You can use this solar water hearer by itself as the primary water heater at 80 gallons of capacity.  Or you can run it in series with your existing water heater which would increase your total capacity and ensure you never run out of water.  BelB   Below is the layout choice you can choose from           

 solar heating designs


solar heating design with pre heat tank Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 02-27-2013


I have an existing 60 gallon gas tank that is fairly new so if I can pair your solar water tank with my tank and get 140 gallons I am sure my girls would be be happy.  What is delivery time once we place our order?   Jeff

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Jeff yes this make the most sense given you have a problem with too much water being used.  All our solar heating packages are in stock and generally it takes us about 4-5 business days to prepare the order and another 5-6 days for transit.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 02-27-2013

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