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sunrain solar vacuum tubes

"3-Hi" Solar Vacuum Tube Technology

Most Efficient Solar Evacuated Tubes Made!

solar evacuated tubes

Solar Evacuated Tubes - Solar Vacuum Tubes


When investing in solar water heaters, it is important to ensure the "engine" you select is the most powerful and the longest lasting made.  This if why we use SunRain's patented "3-Hi" solar vacuum tubes.  The absorbing coating found on the inner layer determines how efficient the vacuum tube will operate.  The method and material of this coating  will also define the life expectancy of the solar vacuum tube.

Most vacuum tubes use a hi-tech reactive sputtering process to coat the inner tube.  Most commonly this coating is made from an aluminum and aluminum-nitrogen coating (Al-N/Al) which is the primary absorbing coating.

SunRain's solar vacuum tube technology uses an International patented  film coating called “3 Hi”.  Within each solar evacuated tube, 3 systems are used to ensure the most effective heat absorption. This included a AL-N/AI layer but also a second aluminum layer as well as a third copper layer.  The added layers conduct heat better and also stabilize the coating allowing for a much longer lifespan of 20 year or greater.

 Test Drive one of our solar systems and you will quickly see the difference a powerful "engine" makes.  See below for comparison of SunRain's performance versus other leading solar evacuated tube suppliers.


 SunRain Certification for Government Grants


SunRain SRCC Sunrain CSA certification SunRain Solarkeymark certification

SRCC Certification

CSA Certification

Solarkeymark Certification


 SunRain In The News


solar quality award


sunrain solar vacuum tube

 Sunrain manufacture of solar evacuated tubes, has been designated to receive the highest international quality award--"International Quality Star"issued by BID (Business Initiative Directions),  The award presentation ceremony took place in Geneva, in Switzerland, on Oct. 27th, 2008.

The highest international quality award is aimed to honor the international enterprises which gained excellent achievements in such aspects as the quality, technology, customer service, prestige and so on. The subjects of the highest international quality award 2008 were chosen from large and medium-sized enterprises of 90 countries and regions, including the world's top 500 enterprises by BID for 10 months, and voted in meetings hold in Paris, London, New Delhi, Geneva,Frankfurt and New York . In accordance with International Quality Star standards and quality management standards,

Sunrain Group won this international award.

american solar energy society

evacuated tube collectors

On May 5th there was good news from the Solar 2008 American Solar Energy Society (ASES) Solar congress held in San Diego, California State, USA, that Chief Scientific Consultant of Sunrain Group, Dr. Geoff Harding has been awarded the “Hoyt Clarke Hottel Prize” by ASES for 2008.

The award was made to Dr. Harding for his research and development of evacuated glass solar thermal collector technology which is now in widespread use World wide.

Hoyt Clarke Hottel Award” is the most prestigious prize in the world Solar Industry and is awarded each year.



SunRain Versus the Competition

As the worlds leader in Solar Vacuum Tubes, SunRain clearly has done so by providing quality products at affordable prices.  SunRain Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are the most cost-effective collectors on the market – they offer the best performance at the best price – THE BEST VALUE AVAILABLESunRain Solar Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors out-perform all major competitors – and are available for hundreds of dollars less.

Based on actual SRCC ratings, here is how the SunRain TZ 1800 30 collectors out performs against all other 30 tube Solar Evacuated Tube collectors:

Solar Vacuum tube collector comparison

When comparing the BTU/$ values for SunRain Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors and Apricus’ AP-20 Solar Collector, it is clear that SunRain Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are the better value – hands down.  And these figures are even more staggering when compared with the selling price of Thermomax’s Solar Collectors.


















These numbers are clear as day – illustrating the tremendous value of the SunRain Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors compared to the leading national competitors.  If you want to make the smart decision and choose the right solar collector for your home or for your dealership/installation business, SunRain Solar Vacuum Tube Collectors deliver the performance, quality low price and value you need!


 Technical Specs


Heating Series Heat Pipe


Heating Series  Heat Pipe


Number of tubes 20 30
Frame& manifold


Heating type Copper Heat Pipe Copper Heat Pipe
Lenth of Tube 1800mm 1800mm
OD of tube 58 mm 58mm
ID of tube 50 mm 50mm
Glass Thickness 2 mm 2mm
Water Capacity 1.8 L (.4 gallons) 2.6 L (.6 gallons)
Weight dry 175lbs 220 lbs
Weigh Wet 180 lbs 230 lbs
Max BTU/HR 5000 BTU/hr 7,517 BTU/hr
Pressure 116 psi 116 psi
Glass MaVacuumterial Borosilicate glass Borosilicate glass
Vacuum P<5x10 -3 PA P<5x10 -3 PA
Frame Included Included
Warranty  10 years 10 years


 Mounting options for TZ58/1800 30 R vacuum tube collectors

 Ground Mount

sunrain collector vacuum tube collector 30R  


Roof Mount

roof  mount  



solar collector pricing


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