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Solar Air Conditioning - Cooling With Solar Air Conditioners


SOLAR COOLING SYSTEMThe excitement of solar air conditioning is perhaphs the most exciting develpment in solar vacuum tube technology.  The high temperatures of vacuum tube collectors make it possible to create efficient solar air conditioning systems.  The best part of solar air conditioning is that, they work completely parallel with the sun.  As the sun gets hotter the need for an air conditioning increase and so does the performance of solar air conditioners.

 Solar air conditioner systems are ideal in areas with lots of sunshine.  Solar Air Conditioning is especially popular in regions of high energy cost such as the Caribbean were solar cooling is greatly needed!



How does a Solar Air Conditioner Work?

Working Of Solar Air Conditioning


The basic principle of a solar air conditioner is similar to a propane fridge,  heat is used (from the solar vacuum tubes) to heat up a cooling liquid.  The hotter this liquid gets the better the performance.  

Under a normal AC a low boilling temperature gas (refrigerant) is compressed to a high temperature around 170 F by an electrical compressor.  It is then and passed through a condensor coil where about 2/3 down the coils it changes from a gas to a partialy saturated gas (liqud).  This partial liquid is then sent to an Expansion coil (evaporator) where it looses its pressure and a phase change occurs back to a gas.  This phase change takes away heat with it causing the cooling effect on these coils and air is then blown over the coils to produce cold air.    Solar Air Condtioning works the same as any air condtioner in this cooling phase change.  However it before it passess to the condensor, it 1st passes through special vacuum tube collector that heat the gas up even further to about 350 F.

This hotter gas is passed through the Solar Air conditioner'sconsensor and as such starts its phase change much earlier in the 1st 1/3 of the coil.  By the end of the coil it is almost completely liquid versus the partially saturated gas in a regular A/C.  The added efficiency  from the solar  vacuum tube collectors allows the refrigerant to work more efficiently with no additional moving parts or motors. This increases the ability of the gas to change back into a liquid much quicker and dramatically reduces the energy requirement of the compressor. The gas now condenses back into saturated gas in the first third of the condensing coil not the final third. Therefore by the time the refrigerant reaches the expansion devise in the inside coil, it is already almost a liquid. This allows the near liquid refrigerant to be more efficient at absorbing heat, making it 5-6 degrees cooler in the inside coil, delivering colder, drier air to the building. Refrigerant Type - 407c or 410


Solar Air Conditioning



Cost Savings Of Solar Air Conditioning Versus Regular Air Conditioning

Based on 36,000 BTU System (3 ton A/C)


Hours of Use Regualr AC Solar AC Saving $ Saving in CA*
1 hour  5.5 kw  2.7 kw  2.8 kw  $.56
10 hour  55 kw  27 kw  28 kw  $5.6
1 months**  1650 kw  810 kw  840 kw  $168
2 months  3300 kw  1620 kw  1680 kw  $336
1 Year***  19,800 kw  9,720 kw  10,080 kw  $2,016
2 Year  39,600 kw  19,440 kw  20,160 kw  $4,032
5 Year  99,000 kw  48,600 kw  50,400 kw  $10,080
10 Year  198,000 kw  97,200 kw  101,000 kw  $20,200

*Based on $.2 Kw Hour

** Based on 10 hours per day

*** Based on 6 month use per year




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