Touch Screen Thermostat - HBX THM-0500

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Touch Screen Thermostat - HBX THM-0500

HBX THM-0500 Touch screen thermometer HBX THM-0500

The THM-0500 is a 4 stage full programmable P.I.D thermostat designed for Hydronic and forced air HVAC applications. The large, full graphic display with a low profile is easy to read and simple to navigate using the touch screen control. The thermostat features a low power idle mode with a dim screen when not in use. When connected to the internet with the Wi-Fi Zoning system, the HBX Zone mobile app allows you to control the thermostat remotely anytime, anywhere.

The THM-0500 is designed to work only with the HBX Wi-Fi Zoning System and utilizes only two wires (power and communication) to the ZON-0550 zone control. This eliminates the need to pull wire which makes it ideal for retrofits as well as new installations.

HBX THM-0500HBX THM-0500

Multiple Heating and Cooling modes

The thermostat can accommodate single/dual stage heating and cooling within each zone and also includes a geothermal mode that can operate up to 4 stages for 2 or 4 pipe geothermal applications.

Auxiliary Sensors

The thermostat incorporates two auxiliary sensors inputs that can be used for internal, external floor, or outdoor sensing options. The thermostat includes a universal sensor with a 10' lead to measure floor temperature for enhanced comfort for radiant floor heating.

Schedules/Away Mode

Program your heating and cooling system around your schedule. With four (4) different schedule options you can be comfortable anytime of the day. Away mode will override the schedule to lower the temperature and increase energy savings.

Automatic Humidity Control

The THM-0500 incorporates a built-in humidity sensor for humidity control. Auto humidity allows the thermostat to humidify or dehumidify to the target % automatically based on the outdoor temperature. No manual adjustment is required. The zoning system must be connected to a wifi network for this feature to be applicable.

HBX Zone Mobile App

With the HBX Zone App, you can control your thermostat from anywhere in the world. You can adjust temperatures, schedules, and demands from your phone or tablet device. The HBX Zone App can also keep an eye on your system when you're not at home with the alarm alert feature.

NOTE: The THM-0500 is designed to work with the ZON-0550 Zone Control. It is not a standalone unit. Humidity control is only available on Version 2.0 for the THM-0550 and ZON-0550.

HBX THM-0500 Tech data and dimensions

Features & Benefits

  • Mobile app for Android and Apple devices (HBX Zone App)
  • 2 Wire thermostat
  • Multiple modes: room, floor and dual modes
  • Includes 10' floor sensor for radiant floor heating
  • Multiple heating and cooling modes
  • Auto heat/cool changeover
  • Away mode for energy savings
  • Automatic humidity control (available only on Version 2.0)
  • Outdoor temperature display by internet (available only on Version 2.0)
  • Time clock update by internet
  • Large, Full Color Graphic Touch Display
  • Easy Programming Menus
  • Programmable schedules
  • Geothermal mode
  • Zone priority
  • DHW capabilities (digital Aquastat)
  • Made In Canada

Visit to view the manual and other documentation.

Dimension (L x W x H) 7 x 5 x 3 Inch
Weight 2 Pound

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