Solar Heating Design-Free of Charge

about us

Soaring energy costs, global warming, and the worlds hunger for fossil fuels has resulted in a rejuvenation of demand for alternative energy sources. Since 1996 we have invested heavily in the knowledge and expertise of solar thermal energy. Technological innovation in solar water heating has always been the core business driving our success. Listing to customers and caring to our customers’ needs was what has shaped our company today. Engineering alternative heat source has been our leading drive.

Today we are one of the world's leading suppliers of solar water heaters and equipment for residential and commercial solar water heating applications. We know the importance of controlling the entire production chain from the sourcing of the best heaters to quality electronics. We partner with world leaders from Germany, Japan, USA and China to produce solar heating and cooling solutions that fit today’s demands. Our system simplicity with Plug 'n Play design means fewer mistakes and quicker installation time.


Our international presence coupled with a knowledgeable dealer support network has fueled our rapid growth. Our engineers and technical expertise allow us to customize design installations for our customer. New technologies at costs that have never been available in alternative energy are making solar an 'affordable" alternative.

Over 200 billion in government grant money is available in North America, Northern Lights Solutions is working with businesses and customers to help them make the most of their investment. We know the rebate programs and can help to ensure you take full advantage of all financing and government incentives available in the solar industry. If you would like to discuss becoming part of our growing dealer network, then please give us a call or email us.