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How it Works

how a thermal battery works

A Sunamp thermal battery is an advanced energy storage system designed to efficiently store and release thermal energy for various applications such as space heating, hot water, and industrial processes.

  1. Phase Change Material (PCM): The heart of a Sunamp thermal battery is a phase change material (PCM). PCM is a substance that can change its state (from solid to liquid or vice versa) at a specific temperature. In the case of Sunamp, the PCM is typically a salt hydrate. When energy is added, the PCM melts, storing thermal energy in the form of latent heat.
  2. Charging: To charge the thermal battery, surplus or low-cost energy sources, such as air to water heat pumps, solar thermal panels or off-peak grid electricity, are used to heat the PCM. As the PCM heats up, it goes through a phase transition, absorbing and storing heat energy.
  3. Energy Storage: During the charging process, the PCM remains at a constant temperature until it has absorbed all the available heat energy. This is a key advantage because it allows for highly efficient energy storage. The energy is stored in the form of latent heat within the PCM, which can be retained for an extended period without significant losses.
  4. Discharging: When thermal energy is needed, the PCM is allowed to release the stored heat energy by changing back to its solid state. This is achieved by circulating a heat transfer fluid (typically water or glycol) through a heat exchanger that is in contact with the PCM. As the fluid passes through, it absorbs the heat from the PCM, raising its temperature.
  5. Heat Distribution: The hot fluid can then be distributed to where it is needed, such as radiators for space heating or a hot water tank for domestic use. The thermal energy released by the PCM is effectively transferred to the desired application, providing a consistent and reliable heat source.
    Efficiency and Benefits: Sunamp thermal batteries are known for their high efficiency and long cycle life. They can store energy for extended periods, reduce energy consumption, and lower energy bills. Additionally, they are compact and can be easily integrated into existing heating systems, making them a versatile and eco-friendly solution for thermal energy storage.

In summary, a Sunamp thermal battery operates by using a phase change material to store and release thermal energy efficiently. It charges by heating the PCM with surplus or low cost energy and discharges by transferring the stored heat to a heat transfer fluid for various applications, offering an effective and sustainable way to manage thermal energy.


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