Solar Hot Water Heaters

Solar Hot Water Heater are primarily used to heat domestic hot water for homes and business. Hot water represents 20-40% of a home’s energy consumption and a solar water heater is the easiest way to reduce costs. Our solar hot water heaters on average can reduce hot water cost by 65-75%. Our easy DIY solar water heating packages are easy to install and come complete with every component. We use special insulated stainless-steel solar piping and fitting than means not complicated pipe work and soldering is required.

Below are three different designs for solar hot water heaters designed for residential hot water.

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Types of Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar Combo System

Solar with Tankless

Solar Pre Heat

Pre Heat Solar Tank System:

This type of solar water heating uses two tanks. The 1st tank is called a solar pre-heat tank and is a basic solar hot water storage tank with an internal heat exchanger to heat the water. The solar pre-heat tank is used to supplement warm water to an existing hot water tank. This type of solar hot water heater is the most common retrofit as it uses the existing hot water tank and needs very little retrofit to the plumbing. The existing main supply line is routed to the pre-heat tank and then drawn back into the supply line after it is heated.

The most efficient solar hot water heaters use the basic theory of stratification. In stratification the solar hot water theater is heated using thermosiphon (or a very slow pump). This slow mixing of the water means the top layers are always the hottest. As the top water is drawn into the main tank, the hottest water is always used 1st. Since the average household used hot water in batches (not all at once), the solar water heating system can easily supply a daily demand.

Solar with Tank-Less Water Heaters:

The principle is identical; the water is pre-heated through the solar storage tank before it enters the tank-less heater. As an example, main line water that is coming into the home at 40 degrees can be heated in a pre heat tank to say 120, if the tank-less heater is set to 140 degrees, it only has to supply 20 degrees of heat energy versus 100 degrees without the pre heat tank. That is significant heat savings!

Solar Combo Tank System:

These special designed solar hot water heaters are a combination of a solar pre-heat tank with an electric back up heater in one single unit. This tank uses an internal heat exchange in the bottom of the tank. The solar loop is piped through this loop and heats the water. The top of the tank contains an electric heater element to quickly top up the water temperature or aide in days of no sun.

Caution: While there are many solar storage tanks with heat exchangers, there are very few that are built for the North American Market and have the proper UL certification. Solar Combo tanks are ideal for new home installations or if your existing water tank needs replacing.

Sunrain Heat Exchanger

NEW Compact Solar Water Heaters:

A compact solar water heater is used for those that just want solar heating for domestic hot water. These are alternatives to the more advanced closed loop solar water heaters and have no moving parts or pump. These systems are ideal in southern climates that seldom get freezing conditions and are good to 20 F (-5 C). These compact solar heaters usually sit on the ground or are roof mounted. The 80-gallon storage tank is integrated with the solar vacuum tubes and provides hot water for a family of 4-5 persons. For more information visit compact solar water heaters.

Solar Water Heating Diagram

Complete Solar Hot Water Heating Package with built in Heat Exchanger and Back up Heating Element.