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Solar Water Heaters-Northern Lights Solar Heating Solutions

Northern Lights is world leader in providing pre-engineered solar thermal heating solutions for homes and business. We provide turnkey solar water heating solutions for hot water, pools, space heating and industrial heating applications. Our Pre-Designed solar water heating kits save on design costs and installation cost provide the highest returns in the industry. For more information call us 1-800-759-8990

solar panels

Solar Home Heating

Solar home heating and solar space heating is possible because of the higher output of heat energy that solar evacuated tubes provide. Combining solar water heaters with both domestic hot water and space heating maximizes the return on your investment. Our solar heating system easily adapt to any form of home heating including forced air furnaces, radiators and hydronic floor heating. Even integrating solar with Geo Thermal is possible!

Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heaters are the easiest way to harness the sun’s energy directly. Heating water using solar goes back as far as 1892 when the 1st solar water heater was used in a residential application. With the tax incentives available in North America and Worldwide, solar water heating has exploded in popularity. Northern Lights pre-packaged solar water heating kits are easy to install and provides unprecedented performance and safety. Commercial applications such as hotels, Laundromats, car washes and restaurants are all high consumers of hot water and solar water heating an ideal solution to save1000’s of $.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heaters are one of the most common examples of solar water heaters. Unlike traditional black plastic mat systems, we use high performance solar vacuum tubes system with a heat exchanger in a closed loop. This type of system is not affected by wind conditions and works on cloudy and cold days. By separating the pool water from the solar pool heater, there is no internal damage that is normally caused by chlorine or salt water. Our solar pool heaters last up to 4 times longer than plastic mat systems. Solar Hot Tub Heating is also a very popular way of using solar energy to save $.

Commercial Solar Heating

Perhaps the greatest opportunities for solar water heaters is for solar commercial applications and industrial process heat. Any business that uses hot water such as car wash, hotels, laundry facilities, pool, and agriculture industry are a few of the primary sources for commercial solar heating system. Our pre-engineered commercial systems make design and installation quick and worry free. With so many government grants, paybacks can be seen in only a few years. We offer free design and installation support for all our commercial solar water heaters.

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Northern Lights Solar Heating Solutions - Solar Water Heaters

homeNorthern Lights Solar Solutions is a world leader in providing pre-designed and pre-packaged solar water heaters for residential and commercial applications. Our solar heating designs are pre-engineered to provide quick and easy installation with maximum performance.

We specialize in solar vacuum tube heating solutions which provide superior winter heat performance for colder climates. The same vacuum tube technologies are also used in our solar pool heating systems to provide reliable pool heating that last 4 times longer than traditional solar pool heating methods.

Solar Vacuum Tubes provide up to 94% efficiency and unlike other solar water heaters, they do not lose their heat energy to the surrounding outdoor air. Even in -30 weather conditions, the solar evacuated tubes still supply heat energy to the heating system.

Our Solar Water Heaters can reach much higher operating temperatures and are great for other applications such as solar space heating and industrial process heating.

doitSolar Water Heater Tubes

solar_vacuum_tube_summAll our DIY solar water heaters use award winning SunRain Solar vacuum tubes. SunRain is the global leader in providing solar evacuated tube heaters using heat pipe technology. These solar heaters have a 10 year warranty and have the highest solar performance rating by the SRCC (Solar Rating Certificate Corporation). Our DIY solar heating kits are both OGG 100 certified and OG-300 certified and as such qualify for US federal and state rebates and credits. Our system are also CSA certified under both F3798 and F379 requirements for solar water heater installations in Canada.

Compact Solar Water Heaters for Southern USA and Caribbean 

sunarinaWe also offer complete compact solar water heaters which have the same heat pipe vacuum tubes built into the 80 gallon stainless steel storage tanks. These are the most economical way of providing domestic hot water needs using solar energy. These complete units are OG 300 certified for USA tax credits. The unit is normally placed on the roof or ground mounted. These integrated solar water heaters are ideal in warm climates that experience little freezing conditions. They are ideal for solar in southern USA, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

If you need help in sizing a solar water heater please give us a call 1 800 317 9054. We have pages of information to help inform you about the various components of our solar heating kits. If you are looking for parts such as solar piping, solar controllers, solar heat exchangers or solar water tanks. Please visit our pages or call or email us any time.

Pre-Packaged Solar Heating Systems

heating solutionOur solar water heaters come complete as a turnkey package with every component included. This allows any home owner or business to quickly install a successful water heating system with little to no experience. By using special Aurora FlexTM stainless steel solar line sets, there is no need for soldering experience and the system connects with simple quick connect fittings.

All our system come standard with dual zones expansion ability which allows owners to maximize their return by providing heat to multiple zones such as domestic hot water and a pool or a hot tub, or space heating in the winter and pool heating in the summer. Our solar tanks have dual heat exchanges built in. The bottom heat exchanger delivers the solar energy to the storage tanks and the top heat exchanger is used to move the heat energy to a secondary source such as infloor heating.

Our Systems are comprised of solar heating components sourced from the leaders in the industry such as RESolTM solar pump stations and controllers made in Germany, ZilmetTM hi-Temperature expansion tanks from Italy and SolarStorTM hot water tanks with UL certification manufactured in the USA.

By providing pre-designed and pre-engineered systems, users can be confident that the performance of the systems and reliability are guaranteed. We even go as far as providing users with the optimize system programming so that users can quickly maximize the systems performance as well as delivery the highest ROI in the industry.

If you need help in sizing a solar water heater please give us a call 1 800 317 9054. We have pages of information to help inform you about the various components of our solar heating kits. If you are looking for parts such as solar piping, solar controllers, solar heat exchangers or solar water tanks. Please visit our pages or call or email us any time.


SRCC Certified Flat Plate Collectors

We also have solar flat plate solar collectors that are ideal for solar domestic hot water in southern regions that experience mild winters with minimal freezing temperatures. These flat plate collectors are also economical for solar pool heating in summer months with very good performance in hot climates. Similar to our solar vacuum tube collectors, these flat plate collectors are fully certified by SRCC and as such are eligible for rebates and tax credits! For more information on solar flat plate collectors click below.

SRCC Certified Flat Plate Collectors

Solar Water Heating Overview


solar water heating

Commercial Solar Heating

In the attempt to go green, many of us are tempted to look to the sun for are heating and energy needs. However, despite the upsurge in renewable and sustainable forms of energy being sold the overwhelming majority of homeowners remain reluctant when it comes to making the switch. Residential solar water heating is one of the areas that many neglect. The homeowner will achieve several advantages by switching to residential solar water heating. As with other forms of solar energy one of the many perks will be a significant reduction in their energy bills.

solar pool and hot tub

Solar Pool & Hot Tubs

Are you looking to save money on your monthly electric bill? Are you in the market for a solar hot tub in the USA? The price of energy utilities and the price of gas has been a growing issue. Though you may be interested in a hot tub for personal pleasure, what type of hot tub should you buy? More and more American citizens today are becoming aware as well as concerned about the cost and over use of energy. In the coming years this issue will arise repeatedly until a solution or solutions are found.

Solar Home Heating System

Solar Space Heating

Ever consider converting your house over to a solar home heating system? If so then you are not alone. Daily, home owners begin to take the plunge into renewable and sustainable sources of energy. However, many go in to soon without having some basic questions answered. It is true that solar energy can save you money in the long term and can provide adequate heating and light but you must choose the correct solar home heating system for your type of house. Otherwise you’re risking the value of your home and serious money.

solar vacuum tubes

Solar Vacuum Tubes

All solar heating collectors have a negatively sloping temperature vs efficiency curve. The negative efficiency means that as the fluid temperature increase, the power output decreases. The previous graph shows the Sunrain TX58 1800 30R collectors’ solar vacuum tube efficiency curve as per the Keymark Solar Certification. The variables are the incident sun’s radiated power in Watts/m2 and temperature differential between the fluid media and the surrounding air temperature.

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Our Recent Projects

calgary zoo solar project

Solar Heating Project

Calgary Zoo Solar Project, Calgary

Northern Lights Solar Solutions supplies the City of Calgary with 16 SunRain Solar vacuum tube collectors for the Calgary Zoo to supply heating to the ENMAX conservatory.

notre dam electric

Solar Space Heating

Notre Dame Electric, Manitoba, Canada

Largest Solar Space Heating project in Western Canada! 18 x TZ58 1800 30R collectors for heating 16,000 square foot shop with hydronic radiant floor heat in concrete.

franklin electric

Solar Heating Project

Franklin Electric, Estavan, SK

This solar heating project uses 17 x TZ58 1800 30R used to heat 2400square foot concrete slab work shop with Modine Over Head Water Heater. Incorporates 1 x 500 gallon storage tanks, and external dissipator.

residential space heating project article

Solar Heating Project

Large Residential Space Heating Project, New York

This project integrates with domestic hot water providing the customer nearly 100% of their hot water needs. In the winter time the excess heat is dumped into a heat exchanger that runs with his in floor heating system.

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