Technical Specs on Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Collector type Roof/Ground-mounted collector
Overall area FT2 [m2] 21.75 [2.02]
Absorber area FT2 [m2] 20.13 [1.87]
Aperture area FT2[m2] 20.88 [1.94]
L x W x H Inches [mm] 79x39.5x 3.5 [2005 x 1005 x 90]
Weight Lbs [kg] 84 [38]
Absorber capacity Gallons [L] .45 [1.66]
Housing Aluminum-alloy
Connection ¾” NP
Surface Aluminum-alloy
Back plate Steel plate
Absorber sheet Highly selective vacuum coating
Absorption [%] 95
Emission [%] 5 (80°±5° )
Ø manifold [mm] Ø 22 x 0.75
Ø risers [mm] Ø 10 x 0.6
Glass Woven ultra white toughened solar safety glass
Transmittance of glass [%] ≥91
Insulation Fiberglass cotton with antiflaming silver paper veneer / Phenolic foam
Max. stagnation temperature 400 °C under test conditions
Max. operating pressure 1.2 Mpa 170 psi
Rated operating pressure 0.8 Mpa 116 psi
Heat transfer medium Polypropylene glycol / water mixture
Approved installation angle Min. 15°, Max. 75°
Power Output per Collector Unit

Power Output per Collector Unit

Design of Sunrain FPC1200D

Flat Mount to Roof

Ground Mount 45 degrees

Solar SRCC Certification

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