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Solar Pool Heating Savings

Solar Pool Heating Savings

When looking at solar water heating, pool owners are perhaps the most knowledgeable about the benefits and cost savings of using solar to heat their pools. Most pools are seasonal and as such are only used during the summer seasons. However, the investment in solar can be a great benefit for solar pool owners. In fact, our systems can be integrated so that in the summertime they supply heat to the pool and in the winter-time they provide home and space heating as well as domestic hot water.

This means solar pool heating systems can reduce your heating bills year-round! Our systems are also the only choice for indoor pool owners looking for a solution to heat their pool during the winter.

Our Pool heating systems have a much longer life expectancy and deliver more heat energy through the season than any other type of solar pool heater. As such the overall cost of ownership is substantially less to the home owner yielding huge savings over fossil fuels and electricity, as well as larger savings versus other types of traditional solar pool heating methods.

Advanced Solar Pool Heating

Gone are the days of leaky plastic mats that line the roofs of pool owner’s homes! Welcome to the new age of solar pool heating using hi-powered solar vacuum tubes to provide solar heating energy that is delivered indirectly to the pool. By using a stainless steel or titanium heat exchanger we can eliminate the harmful damage that chlorinated water can have on any solar heating system. The use of a heat exchanger removes the need for oversized pumps to raise the large volumes of water to the top of a roof. Instead all that is needed is a small circulating pump that draws less than a light bulb with life expectancy of 20 years.

The advantages of Solar Evacuated tubes are numerous for heating a pool. To begin with a vacuum tube works in indirect light and in cloudy conditions, this means from sunrise to sunset and cloudy days you are still delivering useable heat energy to the pool. Vacuum tubes have a life expectancy of 25 plus years, so you are not having to fix leaks and replace mats every 3-5 years. The overall cost of ownership is substantially lower. Evacuated tubes are not affected by windy conditions. Normal plastic pool heaters act like radiators removing the heat energy faster than it can be supplied whenever there is even a slight breeze. Finally vacuum tubes work even in -40 degrees. So even when the ambient temperature is colder than the pool water, your solar water heater is working. Other systems only provide heat when the air temperature is greater than the pool temperature. This means a pool owner can extend their pool season by 2-3 months by using our advanced solar pool heaters.

How it works

Unlike all other pool heaters on the market, our solar pool heaters use a closed loop system. Others use an open loop system. This means that the pool pump is responsible for pushing the pool water up against gravity causing excessive wear on the pump and increasing the pumps operating cost by up to 30%. Our solar pool heaters separate the heating fluid and the pool water via a heat exchanger, a small amount of water or glycol (in freezing climates) is circulated through the solar vacuum tubes at a rate of .75-1.25 GPM. They absorb the suns energy through the advanced evacuated tube and then transfer the energy to the pool through a heat exchanger. The hi-flow pool heat exchanger puts very little resistance on the pool pump allowing it to work at its normal capacity. The chlorinated pool water never actually comes in contact with any portion of the solar heating system which extends the life and your investment by up to 5 times that of a regular pool heater. Our advanced solar pool heaters are so efficient they can start to turn on delivery heat as soon as the sun rises in the morning. No need for direct sunlight, in fact even in light rain you will find your solar pool heater is delivery heat energy to the pool.

Advanced solar pool heating
The digital controller maximizes the solar output and includes safety features such as freeze protection, holiday cooling mode and even has advanced energy monitoring that will tell you your daily savings. Our system can transmit the data to the internet giving you real time performance and historical data on any pc or smart phone via the Free Resol

Solar Pool Heat Exchangers:

The heat transfer between the pool takes place in a highly efficient solar heat exchanger. For salt water pool or high chlorine levels we recommend upgrading to titanium as it will last much longer and is not effected by the chemicals present in a pool. Unlike plate heat exchangers our solar pool heat exchangers are designed specifically for the application of pool flow rates that can be as high as 50 GPM. The large unrestricted flow on the pool side absorbs the hot thermal energy supplied by the solar side. The two liquids do not physically contact each other.

Integration with home heating and domestic hot water

Perhaps the best advantage of our solar pool heaters is the design aspect that allows all our systems to easily integrate with each other. Your solar pool heater can also supply you with domestic hot water, it can work in the winter to supply your home with space heat or share its heat with a hot tub to maximize your investment. All our systems come standard with a second zone option that can be added at any time. Imagine heating your pool in the summer and the rest of the year having the system reduce your home heating bill by supplying you with thermal energy even in the middle of winter!

3 Types of Integrated Solar Pool Heating Systems Videos

Solar Pool Heater

Solar Pool Heater + Hot Water

Solar Pool Heater + Hot Water + Space Heat

Timberline Wood Water Stoves for Pool Heating

Looking for another way to heat your pool? Visit our Sister company at TimberLine Wood Water Stoves for unique wood fired pool heaters that use no electricity and require not pumps! These wood fired pool heaters are great for off grid applications or to assist you with heating your hot tub or spa. They use a principle called thermosiphon whereby water is heated up in the stainless steel double walled water jacket. The hot water rises to the top and out a port into the pool. Meanwhile cold water is sucked in through the bottom of the tub to be reheated. Simple, quiet, cost effective! These heaters can also be used with an existing pump system and can heat up to 100,000 BTU/hr.


Solar Pool Heating System Sizing*

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