WiFi Module - HBX TMX-0100

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WiFi Module - HBX TMX-0100

HBX TMX-0100 WiFi Module

The TMX-0100 is designed to be used with the ZON-0550, SNO-0550 and HBX Zone App for remote access.

Wi-Fi Zoning System: Used in conjunction with the ZON-0550 Zone Control, THM-0300 Thermostat, and the free HBX Zone App, the user can control their heating or cooling system remotely from their smartphone or tablet device.

HBX WiFi Module and Zone Control ZON-0550 TMX-0100

Easy Installation & Operation: Unlike other Wi-Fi systems where you need to configure routers or I.P settings, the TMX-0100 connects directly to your Wi-Fi network within minutes, allowing for a quick and easy installation every time. The TMX-0100 simply connects to the ZON-0550 and SNO-0550 using the CAB-0150 connector which is included. The operational status of the TMX-0100 is indicated by LED lights (Red for Wi-Fi, Green for Ready, Blue for Server). Information is communicated by the color of the lights and whether they are steady or flashing.

HBX TMX-0100 Tech Data

Features & Benefits

• For use with the HBX WiFi Zoning System & SNO-0550 Snow Melt Control
• Only 1 module needed per system (maximum of 20 zones)
• Connects directly to WiFi; no need to configure routers or IP settings
• Adds remote app connection capability to the ZON-0550 & SNO-0550
• Easy installation
• Includes CAB-0150 connector
• Made in Canada

HBX TMX-0100 Dimensions

Visit hbxcontrols.com to view the manual and other documentation.

Dimension (L x W x H) 6 x 4 x 2 Inch
Weight 1 Pound

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