PAW Manifold for K31 and K32 Pump Stations - 2 Ports

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PAW Manifold for K31 and K32 Pump Stations - 2 Ports

PAW 2 port manifold

For Connection of 3 Heating Zones + 1 Supply

Used in closed loop heating designs. The PAW Modular distribution manifold allows parallel connection of multiple zone modules in order to customize any installation. Available in 2-6 sectional designs for connection of 2 to 9 heating zones. They simplify installations, extremely shorten assembly time, providing cost saving and time savings. Union connections make the mounting of the zone modules to the manifold fast and easy. Supply and return chambers of the manifold are thermally divided. Extension modules allow trouble free connection of additional heating circuits to an existing system. No special piping, just 2 connections and your installation is complete.

PAW 2 port manifoldPAW 4 Port Manifold


• 1” DN 25 connection
• Modular Design up to 273 KBtu/hr (80 Kw)
• Completely made of brass
• Completely pre-assembled
• Completely insulated with EPP
• Extremely low head loss
• Multiple heating source can be connected such as a gas boiler and wood fired boilers to increase power.
• Comes with wall bracket

PAW 4 Port Manifold

TECHNICAL DATA Modular Distribution Manifold 1" - DN 25:

Dimensions 1"- DN 25
Materials Fittings: Brass
Gaskets: EPDM/NBR
Insulation: EPP
Technical Data Max. Pressure: 72.5 psi/5 bar
Max. Temperature 230°F/110°C
CV Value: 12.5
Connections For Zone Modules: 1" PAW flange for 11/2" nut (top)

For Boilers:

1" female x 11/2" male-flat-sealing (bottom)

2 x for boiler connection, rest plugged

On Side: 3/4" female, plugged for safety group and expansion tank
Dimensions Center distance: 125 mm/429/32"
Installation height: 128 mm/5"
Height of insulation: 137 mm/5.4"
Width: See item list below
Recommended application

Floating action temperature control up to 136.5 kBTU/h/40kW at ?T = 18 'F/10 K

PAW 4 port manifold

PAW pressure drop chart

Dimension (L x W x H) 27 x 14 x 4 Inch
Weight 17 Pound

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