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Advantages of Solar Pool Cover


It is a well-known fact that 75% of a pools heat loss comes from evaporation of the water. Pool covers have been shown to save up to 70% on heating costs of your pool. Beside just heating costs there are other advantages of a solar pool cover.

  1. Keeps debris out

  2. Reduces chemical balancing

  3. Naturally heats your pool

  4. Reduces Water Loss

Keep Debris Out – Leaves, Dust, Pollens and other organic materials easily get blown from the winds into a pool. Once they hit the water they quickly build up and need to be removed. The filter system helps but micro sized debris such as pollen requires extra care and often extra chemical treatment is required. Organic mater in a pool is further breading material for more unwanted bacteria’s and algae which feed on organic material.

Reduces Chemical Balancing - Chlorine and Bromine are gases and the hotter the pool temperature the more off gassing that will occur. This means that the chorine levels need to be replaces more often. With a cover the number one benefit is stopping the evaporation of both the water and the chemicals in the water. Depending on the size of the pool chemicals can easily cost upwards of $100 per month with out the use of a cover. The warmer the pool the more evaporation that will occur. So having a cover with a heat just makes financial sense.

Naturally Heats Your Pool - Depending on the type of pool cover you buy a primary advantage of most covers is to magnify the suns rays into the pool water. The standard bubble covers act as tinny magnify glasses concentrating the rays into the pool. A pool cover by itself can often raise the water temperature as much as 5- 10 degrees.

Reduces Water Loss – Wind and heat naturally increase the evaporation rate of the pool water. The process of evaporation removes the heat energy from the pool but also removes the water as well. Depending on where the pool is located, water is more and more becoming a precious resource that is often regulated by municipalities and is not cheap to replace. A pool can lose up to ½” of water daily in dry windy conditions. On a 20 x 40 foot pool. This is 250 Gallons or 950 liters per day! A pool covers stops the evaporation and thus the water loss.

Bottom line is if you want to enjoy warmer pool water for a longer season, investing in a solar pool heater makes sense and a pool cover should be part of this total investment.


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