Arctic Hydronic Air to Water Heat Pump - 48,000 BTU with Cold Climate Inverter Technology

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ARCTIC 050ZA/BE - Cold Weather Air Source Hydronic Heat Pump

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How Cold?

Arctic Heat Pumps were originally developed for Finland to operate in harsh winter conditions. These Air to Water Hydronic Heat Pumps are the most advanced cold weather air source heat pumps on the market. With positive heat gains in outside temperatures down to -22 F (-30 C), Arctic Heat Pumps are specifically designed for northern climates.

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Heating Meets Cooling.

There are two sides to every story, and it s no different with your home's climate control. Arctic Heat Pumps not only produced heat, they also cool. ARCTIC heat pumps are specifically designed to both heat in the winter, and cool in the summer. The result? A quicker payback, more flexibility, higher energy savings, and better functionality. Don't dread your climate, utilize it with ARCTIC.


  1. EVI DC inverter technology rated to -22 F (-30 C)
  2. Heats and Cools
  3. Hydronic Heating, Domestic Hot Water, Pools and Hot Tubs
  4. Easy to install with no refrigeration mechanic needed
  5. Digital controller with Celsius & Fahrenheit
  6. Integrated Logic Back Up Heating
  7. Monobloc design with Evaporator and Compressor in same unit
  8. Smart Defrost
  9. Drain Pan Freeze Protection
  10. ULTRA Quiet composite fan blades


Volts 220-240 VAC
Amps 24.1 Amps
Rated Output @ (45 F/7C) 48,000 BTU
Recommended Flow Rate 21 GPM
Weight 350 lBS
Sound 54 dB(A)
Dimensions 49.4 x 20.7 x 56



EVI heat pump with DC Inverter- Works down to -22 F (-30 C)

This air to water heat pump is the most efficient cold weather heat pump on the Market. It Heats and cools with over 70% savings of traditional heating equipment. It does this using both an Enhanced Vapour Injector (EVI) and also a true DC variable compressor.

The Arctic Heat Pump harness the energy found in the air. By using a specialized Enhanced Vapor Injection system to increase the heating capacity and the COP, the energy in the air is transferred to subcooled R410a Freon inside the unit through an oversized evaporator. This energy is then transferred to the compressor where it is compressed causing its temperature to increase to a very hot gas. The hot gas then passes through a plate heat exchanger where it is transferred to a glycol heating solution and moved into the house via a pump. This hot liquid is then stored in a buffer tank where it can be distributed to the house through any means of hydronic heating such as radiant floor heating loops, central air handlers for forces air, and local zone fan coils for individual room heating. This energy can also be used to heat up pools or hot tubs. In cooling mode the unit reverses direction and chills the fluid. This colder fluid can be used for AC in a hydronic air handler as it would in a normal house or through zone fan coils or even radiant floor cooling.

The unit consumes only 1/3 to 1/4 of the electricity that it produces resulting is energy savings as high as 75% compared to rational electric or gas.

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Example Layout with Radiant floor and Zone Fan Coils

Optional domestic ho water shown

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Dimension (L x W x H) 42 x 19 x 28 Inch
Weight 300 Pound

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