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Thermax Solar Pool Heater - 14 Panel

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Thermax Solar Pool Heater

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Thermax Solar Pool Heater 14 Panel

Thermax solar pool heating panels are the most versatile pool heater available. They can be installed horizontally or vertically on any roof surface – from a completely flat 0º to fully vertical 90º angle.

The Thermax panels come with an extraordinary industry first 35 Year Warranty. They are made from ultra-durable (UV stabilized) potable grade HDPE - an outstanding material with proven longevity and a very long industry pedigree in the harsh sun. They are made extremely tough and are resistant against all that nature can throw at them.

The quality of these panels along with Thermax’s exclusive fittings and fixtures are made from the most durable of materials, such as silicon and stainless steel, our attention to the smallest details and the precision engineering of all components - make for an unbeatable combination of efficiency, quality and longevity.

Importance of Cooler Weather Efficiency

There are many different types of solar pool heaters for sale. Traditional PVC tubular collectors work okay in hot weather and various manufacturers will play up hot weather performance stats, however due to the spherical and almost fin like nature of the collector they struggle in cooler windy spring and autumn shoulder months - which is exactly when you need heating the most! Thermax panels were originally designed for the cooler German climate and are optimized to perform in these shoulder months. As such they typically require much less area than traditional rubber mat systems to effectively extend your swimming season since it's really the performance in the shoulder months that matters most for extending your season.

Thermax panels have the best possible cold weather performance and sizing should be based on collector performance in the shoulder months, hence our recommendation when replacing a PVC tube system is to use 2/3rds the area of your old rubber collector mat system.


  • Thermax Maxabsober panels
  • Thermax panel connectors
  • Pentair SolarTouch Controller with Motorized 3-Way Valve
Thermax solar panels
Silicone connections with Stainless Steel Clamps

Silicone connections with Stainless Steel Clamps

Fast Installation

Fast Installation

Made in Germany

Made in Germany


OKU® - Max - absorber:

Information per max absorber

Information per m²

Low pressure loss:

0.005 bar at 400 liters per hour

0.003 bar at 200 l/h/m²

Flow rate:

300 - 500 liters per hour

150 - 250 liters per hour


approx. 11.6 kg - water content 11.6 liters

approx. 5.8 kg - water content 5.8 liters

Test pressure:

4.5 bar at normal temperature

4.5 bar at normal temperature

Operating pressure:

up to 1.2 bar at 40 °C

up to 1.2 bar at 40 °C

Burst pressure:

> 12 bar, resistant to negative pressure

> 12 bar, resistant to negative pressure


up to approx. 85% - performance up to 1.2 kW/h

up to approx. 85% - performance up to 0.85 kWh/m²

Ø Calculated value:

1.0 - 1.2 kW/h corresponds to 8 - 10 kW per day

0.5 - 0.6 kW/h/m² corresponds to 4 - 5 kW per day

Idle proof:

Temperature resistant from -50°C to +115°C

Temperature resistant from -50°C to +115°C

Thermax Pool Heater Layout
Dimension (L x W x H) 83 x 40 x 40 Inch
Weight 250 Pound

Shopping for a solar pool heater is simple with our solar pool sizing tool. Our sizing tool will help you decide which system type (Thermax or Thermax Extreme) is best for you. This sizing tool allows you to set your location and your target pool temperature. With this our team can accurately make a recommendation on a solar pool heating system that is best for you both in price and performance.


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