DIY Solar Pool Heating Systems

The world of do it yourself seems to have extended to just about everything. Most of us with the economy of the day would rather have a go at fixing or building something ourselves rather than spending money on a professional. Heating one’s swimming pool is no exception to this rule with DIY solar pool heating systems now readily available.

One may ask the question, who would be interested in a DIY Solar Pool Heating system. Well the answer may seem painfully obvious, anyone with a pool. Others may include those that are frugal minded and want to save the money by installing the system on their own.

Why would someone want a DIY solar pool heating system? There are several possible answers to this question. Despite the climate of the area most swimming pools will need a secondary heating source. It’s true that the day time temperature in the sun belt states may soar during the day, the night time however, is a completely different story. Solar heating can extend the swimming season by months keeping the water comfortable. It is also the most economical and ecological method for heating available. A DIY Solar pool heating system has the additional luxury of being even easier on the pocket book.

Where can one learn about the various DIY solar pool heating systems.? One of the best resources available is We are expert in nearly all areas of solar heating and can answer any questions and address any concerns you may have regarding the purchase and installation of your DIY solar pool heating system. Any thing you need to know from size, type and installation instructions can be found simply by contacting us.

People tend to purchase swimming pools for 2 main reasons. The first for the sheer enjoyment and the second, to raise the value of their home. A DIY solar pool heating system will make you swimming pool usable for much longer in the year. This will add to your enjoyment as well as help retain that value in your home. Log onto and learn how to do it yourself.