Check list for before buying a Solar Home Heating Systems

Ever consider converting your house over to a solar home heating system? If so then you are not alone. Daily, home owners begin to take the plunge into renewable and sustainable sources of energy. However, many go in to soon without having some basic questions answered. It is true that solar energy can save you money in the long term and can provide adequate heating and hot water but you must choose the correct solar home heating system for your type of house. Otherwise you’re risking the value of your home and serious money.

Before embarking on the purchase of a solar home heating system there are several aspects that you need to consider. You will need to know how much of the home’s total energy needs you can expect from your chosen solar home heating system. To answer this, you need to get accurate solar simulation software calculator that will show you the savings based on your home’s design as well as your local climate. Someone living in Phoenix, Arizona can expect to gain more from a solar home heating system then someone living in Detroit Michigan. However, the heat requirement is much less in Arizona than Detroit? How will this look in terms of your ROI?

The type of solar collector is another aspect to consider when purchasing a solar home heating system. Some are more efficient than others and more suitable for various cold climates. A good system can provide between 30-75% of the home’s total heating needs. While those that provide less are also less expensive. In the long run they rarely provide good value for the money you pay.

Another aspect that you need to consider before purchasing a solar home heating system is the supplementary or back up energy supply that you will need. While it is remotely possible to supply your home totally with solar energy, these types of systems are quite rare. Those that do exist are expensive and rarely cost effective. If you are building a new home with solar energy in mind, you need to be aware that most mortgage lenders as well as building codes will insist upon a backup energy supply. This cost needs to be weighed in before you select your solar home heating system.

The complexity of the home heating system should also be weighed. Complicated designs will require more specialty labor. A Pre-Engineer Solar Heating Package is a great way to save money and will eliminate the custom design cost while providing you with a proven system with great returns. These systems are ideal for any DIY that has a small amount of home renovation experience. These systems are also very easy for any hired contractor to install without the need for previous solar experience.