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Solar Hot Tub Installation

There are benefits to installing a solar hot tub that you might find of interest providing you are in the market to buy a solar hot tub.

  • You can install, or have it installed virtually anywhere to your choosing.
  • No more worries concerning electrical or gas usage.
  • On sunny days the water temperature will delightfully rise without being power induced.
  • This is environmentally safe and therefore no more worries of damaging the environment.

The heater module is arguably the most important component of all the equipment in the system. Solar Hot water is the main reason, so many people are interested in investing in a solar hot tub. The hot tub solar water heater does not work as a conventional water heater in your home would work. The solar hot tub does not hold a large reservoir of preheated water as your hot water heater tank in your home does. It is based more on the warmth of the sun and the outside temperature the water is being exposed to.

Fuel from the power of the sun is being used to perform two primary tasks.

  • It must power a twelve-volt circulation pump.
  • It must heat the water to a desired temperature.

The pump operates at three to five gallons a minute and depends on the sun focusing on the solar panel or panels. The water from the circulation pump is pushed through the solar thermal panels and this is how and where we derive the heat in the water. Once the water is pushed through the solar panel or panels, it is returned to your hot tub.

The benefits of a solar hot tub are numerous. They can play a role as a soothing pain reliever for those everyday aches and pains. Going back to the pump, it pushes the water through the solar panels to heat the water, but ultimately it depends on the outside temperature and how much sunshine is available. The main disadvantage is waiting for the sun to rise and begin heating up the water in your solar hot tub. Like anything else it can take patience at times.

If you live in an area that is cold, rainy and overcast more times, than the sun is shining you may want to rethink the purchase of a solar hot tub. They do not work as well under conditions as this.


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