Solar Spas

Solar powered spas are interesting in respect to the workmanship that is involved and all it has to offer. They come in a large variety of shapes and colors for you to choose from. Be sure to pick a shape that you are comfortable with and a color that will blend in with your back-yard space. If your back yard is garnished in multiple trees and more dirt than grass you might want to consider a solar spa that is decorated with neutral colors. Tan, beige, white, powder blue will blend in nicely with this type of environment.

Choosing the right place to have it installed is where it all begins. They are also very interesting because of how environmentally safe they have become over the years. One of the most important details is to be sure to choose a spot where the solar spa will blend in with your surroundings. A relaxing atmosphere will just add to the total ambiance that you are trying to portray.

When you decide you are serious and in the market to buy a solar spa, think before you purchase the first one you see. This is going to be a long-term investment and you may want to pay a little more to receive a better-quality model that will afford you years of pleasure with virtually very little maintenance. Check to see how energy efficient it is as there are many variables in the overall ratings from one solar spa to the next. Most solar spas also integrate with a solar water heater thereby providing you two forms of savings.

Another important feature is the solar spa shell. The shell needs to have a top-grade insulation to provide long lasting performance. The custom fit cover that comes with your solar spa need to have the highest “R” factor insulation. This will help to prevent heat loss when your solar spa is not being used. It will also be an aid when it is not in use during the winter months.

When spring weather returns to your area, your spa will be ready. Basic maintenance will be needed, but for the most part it is maintenance free. Keeping the specially designed solar spa cover in place during periods of non-use will assure the water within the system will remain clear and clean. Clearing out any unwanted dirt and debris will also be necessary because as the water runs through the system it could become clogged.