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Aurora Solar Flex SS - Stainless Steel Solar Piping

Solar Insulated Piping

Ever wonder what the most time consuming part of installing a solar water heating system is? Hands down it is the solar piping! Regular copper pipe requires high level of plumbing skills to carefully solder and run your copper. Once soldered the entire system needs to be flushed to remove the poisonous flux acid and then the system needs to be pressure tested. This is the easy part! Next the entire pipe system needs to be properly insulated. Not with cheap polyurethane foam but high temp EPDM foam. After this you then need to seal the insulation with either special tapes or tubing such that rain and sun won't damage the foam. Think your done? .... Wait you still need to run the temp sensor lines to and from the collector.

Aurora Stainless Steel Solar Piping Line Sets are the only way to go. With a life expectancy of over 120 years, quick install, no leaking joints; there is simply NO comparison to copper. The 3/4" or 1” stainless steel solar piping comes with high temp 3/4" thick EPDM foam and a weather proof membrane jacket. Also included on the solar line sets is a sensor wire for the thermostat at the collectors. SAVE TIME and MONEY. Plug N' Save! Solar Heating Solutions Made Simple!

Features of Solar Line Sets:

  • Twin Flexible Stainless Steel Tubing Solar Piping Line Sets
  • UV Resistant protective coating on the solar piping
  • Built in sensor wire.
  • 3/4" Thick EPDM Insulation
  • High R Value Insulation surrounds the solar pipe
  • Rated to 350 C (660 F)
UV Resistant protective Coating Solar Piping


Buy 2 x 50ft rolls of copper (approx cost $200each) = $400

Buy 50ft Cable = Approx $25

Buy 100 ft of 3/4" EPDM Insulation (50ft supply and 50ft Return) = Approx $7.5 Per foot = $750

Buy copper fittings, solder, flux, brushes, solder tank = $50

Buy special plastic external protective tape to water proof the EPDM foam and protect it from damage = $50

Save Money versus copper piping Total so Far = $1275

Save Time

Run one roll of copper don't forget it is stiff and takes a good effort to run it where you want!

Run the second roll of copper.

Cut any 90 degree turns as soft copper has a very large turn radius, and solder on elbows

Attach the EPDM Insulation (it is in 6ft lengths) to each pipe and secure with tie wraps.

Run the wire / temperature sensor and secure it to the insulation. Remember all this pipe and insulation is likely behind dry wall, under floor boards etc, very time consuming!

Cover the outside of the Insulation with UV resistant coating or tape to stop the sun ruining the insulation or the birds pecking at it!

Solder on you end pieces

Now because of solder you must flush the piping to remove any flux


Save Money versus copper piping OR

Buy 50ft of our Aurora Solar Flex SS

Unwrap this solar pipe and run it from the mechanical room to the roof.

Job Done

Use wrench to attach the pre supplied 3/4" fittings


No Soldering- Leak FREE

No Soldering- Leak FREE


3/4" 304 Stainless Steel pipes

Installation Procedure

Step one:

Cut the hose to your desired length with cutter
Cut the hose to your desired length with cutter

Step two:

Put a fitting onto the solar hose, put one end into flange tool
Put a fitting onto the solar hose, put one end into flange tool

Step three:

Use a hammer to flatten the end of the hose
Use a hammer to flatten the end of the hose

Step four:

Squeeze on the Solar hose stainless steel Circlip on
Squeeze on the Solar hose stainless steel Circlip on

Step five:

Insert High Temperature ceramic gasket
Insert High Temperature ceramic gasket

Step six:

Tighten with wrench for a guaranteed leak free seal!
Tighten with wrench for a guaranteed leak free seal

High Pressure / High Temperature Fittings

No. Item Material
1 Nut Brass
2 Metal Hose SUS304,SUS316L
3 Gasket High Temperature ceramic gasket. Rated to 350 C or 660 F
4 Cir-Clip Stainless Steel SUS304
EPDM Insulation
Material High quality synthetic elastomer (EPDM based) with a complete closed-cell structure.
Temperature range From -50 °C to +150 °C (up to 175 °C operating intermittent.)
Flammability :actual burning behaviour DIN 4102-B2 self-extinguishing, no fireball drops, limited fire spreading
Water Vapor permeability u>3000
Thermal Conductivity W/(mK) R 4.8 (.035 W/mk)
Solar Insulated Piping
Material UV resistant and high mechanical resistant protective film
UV Resistance Excellent UV and weather resistant properties
Temperature Sensor Wire
Temperature Range from -50 C to +200 C
Flexible Copper 0.75mm2
Wire Insulation Silicon
Rated Voltage 300/500 V
Electric Resistance 23.0 Ohm/km


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