Solar Pool Heating California

Many things come to mind when one thinks of the great State of California. Beaches, sun, sand and that famous governor are just a few of the many images that spring to mind. Those that live in the sun filled state tend to have a swimming pool as a part of their home. This both adds value while offering relief from that sometimes-brutal California sun.

Many may be surprised at the fact that Solar pool heating in California is even needed. Surely a place with such sunny skies and warm temperatures could heat with the outside temperature and sun only. The truth of the matter is that solar pool heating in California is one of the industry's largest markets.

California does witness some high and even extreme temperatures during the day. It is at night where things change. Evening and night time temperatures can easily drop down into the 60's taking the temperature of the pool right down with it. Jumping in first thing in the morning might bring a not to welcome surprise.

Solar pool heating in California is still needed. With the help of a solar pool heating system, the already good and pool friendly climate can extend the life of the swimming season by several months. This means bodies in the pool and more usage. A cold pool will remain unused and an unused pool is such a waste.

Why should once consider solar rather than gas or electric? Solar pool heating in California is one of the most economical and sustainable sources of energy. Your water will stay warm while you save money and help the environment.

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Although the State of California may seem to have all the sun it needs, a solar heating system should still be used to extend the swimming season. Log onto the site and let them help you.