Solar Pool Heating Costs

Have you been thinking of installing a swimming pool as an extension of your home? Or do you have a pool but wish that you could get more use out of it throughout the day and year? Many that have pools spend a significant amount of money already in the maintenance, the thought of an additional heating system driving the price up even further makes many weary.

When it comes to an additional heating source, solar pool heating costs tend to be far less expensive in the long run than gas or electric. Solar pool heating costs tend to range from 2000-3000 dollars, including installation. This may sound steep in the first instance but when considering what one gets in return on that investment, solar pool heating costs don’t seem so bad.

Solar Pool heating costs tend to be the most economical because the main source of energy is free, that being the sun. The panels and cover work with the sun’s energy to keep the water warm and more pool time swimming.

Solar Pool heating costs also tend to be offset by the fact that it is ecological, renewable and sustainable. Some communities will even offer incentives when a family begins investing in various pieces of solar heating.

Your actual, monetary solar pool heating costs are going to depend on many factors. The size of your pool and the climate of your area being two of the most important. Other items such as the type of system will also help to influence your solar pool heating costs.

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