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Solar Pool Heating Systems

The day has finally come, you have bought that pool that you have dreamed about for years. Now, you can swim at your leisure without the hassle of membership fees and other occupants. You're likely thinking of that cool refreshing dip after a long hard day at work. Well the first time you dive in after dusk is likely to be quite an eye opener unless you have a good, reliable Solar Pool Heating System.

When you purchased your pool, you were most likely considering 2 important factors, the enjoyment and the value it would add to your home. You even were willing to accept that you would only be using this latest addition to you home during the hottest months of the year. Most who purchase swimming pools overlook one key aspect, the benefits of a solar pool heating system.

To enjoy a swimming pool most of us need the temperature of the water to be warm. Anything much below 70 degrees can prove for some very uncomfortable swims. In the northern states, even in the height of summer the night time temperature can take the heat from the water quite rapidly. Even on a 90-degree day, the night time cool temperatures can bring the water down to 65 degrees. A solar pool heating system can change all of that.

Solar pool heating systems are not just for the cold weather states. Places such as the sun belt can also benefit. Again, the day time temperature is high but at night it’s a different story. A good solar pool heating system can keep the water pleasant so your investment gets fully used.

Why a solar pool heating system as opposed to gas or electric? The answer is simple. Solar pool heating systems are both ecological and economical. They provide both a renewable and sustainable heat source for your pool, so you can maximize your usage. Your pool season can be extended by months with the right solar pool heating system installed.

Contact us, for the most current information on solar pool heating systems and which one would be best for you. We have experts on hand that will answer any questions you could possibly have. You’ve finally gotten that pool you have dreamed of. Let a solar pool heating system help you gain the most from your new investment.


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