Solar Process Heating

Solar Heating is a great investment when process  heating is required. What is process heating?  This is the use of heat in the production facilities or operations of any business.  Sanitization in food processing is an example. Heating in distilleries and breweries is another example of process heating as part of the production of beers and spirits. Our Pre-Engineered commercial solar water heaters are ideal for any business that requires heat energy in the production chain of its manufacturing. By utilizing our pre packaged commercial systems, a company can quickly employ a solar water heater into the manufacturing process.

Solar Vacuum Tubes are ideal in the use of solar process heating as they can achieve higher temperatures than other types of solar collectors. When sizing a commercial solar heating system it is ideal that the manufacturing facility operate daily not just on week days. Other wise there will be no demand on weekends or holidays and a heat dissipation system will be required to remove the solar energy during the days when there is not production occurring.

Our solar process heating package include a state of the art PAW Solex heat transfer station. This unit converts the heat energy from the solar heating fluid to water that is then stored in a large specially designed commercial storage tank. The hot water in the storage tank is then transferred to the heating application as needed and can be separated by a 2 nd heat exchanger on the process side to transfer the heat.

We offer free solar design and support for any business that has a process heating application. Our packages utilize industry leading components and can be installed in 1/2 the time of any customized commercial heating system. Call us for a Free Simulation Report and the feasibility of using solar process healing. 1-800-759-8990.