Adjustable Solar Water Heater Mounting Kits


Solar Water Heating Mounting Kits

One of the most important features of SunRain Vacuum Tube collectors is the design and flexibility in mounting options. With the adjustable solar water heating mounting kit option you can virtually mount the SunRain collectors to any building at any angle.

Depending on the type of Solar Water Heating System, it is important to correctly calculate the angle of a solar collector to maximize the solar output.

For winter heating applications you will want a steeper angle as the sun in lower in the horizon. However for summer heating applications such as pool heating you will want a flatter angle of inclination as the sun is higher in the horizon.

Basic Mounting Kit

Securing the collectors to a fixed surface is very important. Enduring that the lag bolts penetrate into a frame structure underneath the roof or wall will ensure the best possible mount. SunRain solar water heater mounting kits included with every collector, have complete flexibility to ensure the best possible mount. The basic solar frame kit comes complete with all the hardware needed to mount directly to any surface. Included are 8 stainless steel mounting brackets that can be positioned anywhere along a wall or roof to ensure proper attachment to joists and roof rafters as well as horizontal strapping as found on some metal roofs. (see image below with adjustable X & Y axis)

Basic Mounting Kit (included)


Mount directly to roof


Mount directly to wall with Adjustable X/Y mounting axis


Adjustable Frame Option

Having a frame system that can accommodate various installation angles is very important. SunRain 'adjustable frame option' features the most flexible frame system on the market with the ability to select any angle of inclination.

The Frames can be mounted from 10 degrees al the way to 70 degrees and any inclination angle in between. The 2" "C" channel design allows the customer to easily move the mounting angle to optimize the solar collector based on their location and the season.

Adjustable Frame (Optional)


30 degrees


45 degrees


70 degrees


Adjustable Frame option on Wall


Adjustable Frame option on Roof


Adjustable Frame option on Ground

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