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Solar Water Heating Costs

The most common question regarding solar water heating is the costs. Consumers want to know what kind of capital investment is required for a solar water heater. What is the performance savings of a solar water heating? What are the paybacks for a solar water heater?

There are many types of solar water heaters including:

  •  Pressurized Solar Water Heaters

  •  Thermosiphon Solar Water Heaters

  •  Compact Solar Water Heaters

  •  Home Made Solar Water Heaters

Each system has its advantages and varies in costs. However, when looking at costs of a solar water heater, you also need to compare the performance versus the initial cost as well as factor in the life expectancy of the system. Typically, the cheapest solar water heater will also be the one that produces the least amount of solar energy. On the flip side the most expensive type of solar water heater will be the one that generally produces the most solar energy. So, when analyzing the cost of a solar water heating system you need to look at both upfront costs and paybacks to make a decision on what works best. Generally, the solar water heater with the highest Return on Investment (ROI) will be the best choice.

Other factors to consider when buying a solar water heater are the installation costs and maintenance costs. DIY Solar Water Heaters generally have the least cost to install. DIY solar heating packages sold by Northern Lights are the easiest kits to self-install while still providing customers with high performance and thus high returns. A good DIY kit should also provide proper levels of safety.

In the past homemade solar water heaters were popular, it is advised that when dealing with vacuum tube collectors, one should purchase a professional solar water heating package. The reason is that a solar vacuum tube collector can get as hot as 400 F and thus proper construction and safety precautions are required when building any solar heating kit with vacuum tubes.

The average pressurized solar vacuum tube water heater will cost approximately $6000 to purchase and install. However, in the United States there is 30% tax rebate as well as state grants and municipal grants that can greatly reduce the capital cost of a solar water system. Depending on the energy cost in your state, a system can often pay for itself in 3-5 years. In some states such as Hawaii, a solar heating system can be paid off in under 1 year.

In regions that don't experience heavy freezing such as Florida and the Caribbean, compact solar water heaters can be used. These systems are 1/2 the cost of pressurized solar water heating system and have the same performance thereby giving the customer the best ROI.

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