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Oct 2013

Solar Solutions
North America's Highest Performing Solar Collectors! 

  SunRain TZ58 1800 30R are North America's Highest performing 30 tube solar vacuum tube collectors. This means the Highest Pay back in the industry. Backed by 10 Year Warranty! 

30% Tax credit also applies in USA plus State Energy Credits! 

Best Price Ever
$1250 Instock  

Limited Time Offer
Buy any SunRain Collector and Receive a Free Adjustable Frame Kit

Our SunRain Collectors come with our Exclusive Mounting Kit. This kit allows you to position the collectors at any angle to maximize their performance.

Regular price: $125.00
On Sale: Free*

*With purchase of TZ58 1800 30R Collector  

Adjustable Frame Kit
 30 Degrees  45 Degrees 75 Degrees
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