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Oct 2013

Message: Hi there we live in Sacramento CA, and are looking to add a solar heating system that will provide both hot water and help heat our pool.   I like the performance of the vacuum tube collectors especially for our pool as it is very windy.  Do you have a diagram that you can send me that has a layout of such a system?   Joe

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Joe our solar heating system are very popular for multiple heating applications.  We always recommend starting with domestic hot water and then adding a second zone such as pool heating or space heating.  The reason is that domestic hot water is year round and provides a great payback.  As for your question on diagrams, you can get a good video at this link on the flow of the solar heating system integrated with a pool.   Dan Jung

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 10-05-2012


Great Info, not sure how I missed it LOL!  Will be in touch soon!   Joe

Post By : Joe Middleton Dated On : 10-05-2012

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