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Mar 2014

Message: Hi there, I came across your site and love the concept of your solar pool water heaters.   I have a pool that is 40 feet x 20 feet and is located in Salt Lake UT.  Can you recommend a solar pool heating system for us.  We close the pool down in the winter so this would only be used to heat during the spring, summer and fall.  Also I am interested in your titanium solar pool heat exchanger as we use salt water.    R.

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Hi Riley, thanks for your enquiry.  I would suggest for a 40' x 20' pool our solar pool heating package SPH-5 with 5 collectors.  A 20' x 40' pool is generally considered very large for a residential pool and as such I would recommend our larges solar pool heater system.  Because you have salt water you will need our titanium solar pool heat exchanger as our regular stainless steel pool heat exchanger will rust out quicker with salt water.   Dan

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Dan thanks for the quick reply.  We have had a pool in the past and used the solar pool heating blankets but they did very little to help with the pool heating.  Think you solar pool heater system looks like it is far superior to any other system out there.  We will be in touch end of April as pool season gets closer.   Riley O

Post By : Riley O'Neil Dated On : 03-14-2013

   12:38 PM , 27 Apr 2013
I just found this blog and was wondering if you have any dealers in the California area?
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