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Jan 2014

Message: I found the price for your solar pool heater packages.   Can you tell me home much roof space your SPH-4 package would take up.  We are very interested in investing in something better than what we have now which we need to replace again as it leaking after 4 years.  We also live in a windy region and find that it is difficult to get any heat into our pool.  I think your solar pool heaters seem like the solution.

Dated on : 01-15-2013


Replies :

Terry, each solar pool collector takes us about 8'6" wide and 6' 6" tall.  You can stack them 2 on 2 or run them in a string of 4 long.   Yes you will certainly find a big increase in performance with our solar pool heaters especially if you have any amount of wind conditions as the black plastic solar pool heaters act as big radiators in any wind.

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-15-2013

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