Live solar heating system performance

Now you can monitor your solar heating system from anywhere in the world using a smart phone or a PC! With RESOL new platform. Simply login to you free secure account and view all the data in Live time!

How it works - The new platform works with all RESOL controllers. It requires connecting a RESOL DataLogger DL2 or the new DataLogger DL3 to the VBus terminals found on any RESOL controller. The data logger stores the information being sent from the RESOL controller including historic data. This data can be accessed via a SD Memory chip in the side of the DataLogger or it can be accessed remotely by connecting the DataLogger to an Ethernet cable and a router. Once this is done the DataLogger will securely send the information stored in its memory in Live time to the RESOL server. Each data logger contains a unique code that is used to access the information on the VBus server. When you 1st go to the website you will be asked to provide this access code found on the DataLogger. Once authenticated you can now view and remotely monitor your solar thermal system both in graphical views and live data views.

RESOL DataLoggers

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