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The 1st task in calculating the angle of a solar collector is to first determine the best exposure. This means finding an unobstructed view to the south. A perfect view is not mandatory and the solar system will still work fine, but the better the south view the greater the performance. The ideal location is due south. However, the azimuth with solar vacuum tubes (degrees off of south), can be as great as 45 degrees East or West and still provide reasonable performance.

There are many mounting options for solar collectors, this may include ground mount, roof mount and wall mount. Some important factors in deciding how to mount the solar collectors are:

Northern Lights Solar Solutions launches jointly developed Polysun Simulation Software package for accurate Solar Water Heater Performance.

Winnipeg, Manitoba/San Francisco, October 7th, 2011

Northern Lights Solar Solutions is offering its dealers an easy to use and precise solar heating simulation software tool that supports them in their daily planning a sales process of their solar hot water heating solutions. “Thanks to the combined development of the customized Polysun Simulation Software, Northern Lights Solar Systems offers now customized planning solar hot water heating systems, completing its “Plug’n Play product range” commented President of Solar Thermal, Dan Jung.

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