Solar Commercial Heating

Solar Heating is a great investment when process  heating is required. What is process heating? This is the use of heat in the production facilities or operations of any business. Sanitization in food processing is an example. Heating in distilleries and breweries is another example of process heating as part of the production of beers and spirits.

Our pre-engineered commercial solar water heaters use German Engineered PAW Solex pump stations. The Solex DWHX is the leader in commercial solar heating systems. The Solex Pump Station is UL certified for use in potable water applications and uses a brass secondary Wilo pump.

Unlike our residential solar water heating package, commercial solar heating systems require much larger storage capacity. The water tank is like a battery in a PV system. It harnesses the energy to be used when demanded. Without a solar storage tank the energy would need to be used instantly as it is produced. In some applications this is feasible but for most, the supply and demand don't equally match. This is where the solar storage tank fits in.

Just like our DIY solar heating kits, we also offer the same pre-packaged and pre-engineered solar water heaters for commercial applications. Our Commercial Solar Heating Packages come in 4 different collector sizes each with a corresponding solar storage tank. The Solex DWHX heat transfer station manages the energy exchanger from the solar side to the application.

Perhaps the most feasible investment in solar is for commercial applications. Unlike residential solar water heaters, commercial solar heating applications tend to have much larger demand that is steady in its requirements and the demand is usually 365 days per year. "Process water heating" is the term used for any commercial solar heating applications. There are literally 100s of commercial applications where by solar thermal heating can be applied.