Solar Pools & Hot Tubs

When it comes to using the solar to heat your pool there are two types of systems that will work to get the job done but each are specific to the individual needs of the customer. Not only will they save you money with electricity bills, but these systems help reduce our carbon footprint.

In the past solar pool heating was done using black plastic or rubberized tubing. This type of system had its advantage in that it was very cost effective. People would go out and buy black plastic hose and make a homemade solar pool heater, or buy pre-manufactured rubberized mats designed as solar pool heaters. There were many problems associated with black plastic solar pool heaters; the most obvious is the cosmetics. Most home owners find this mat style unsightly and could diminish the homes' value.

The day has finally come, you’ve bought that pool that you have dreamed about for years. Now, you can swim at your leisure without the hassle of membership fees and other occupants. Your likely thinking of that cool refreshing dip after a long hard day at work. Well the first time you dive in after dusk is likely to be quite an eye opener unless you have a good, reliable Solar Pool Heating System.

The world of do it yourself seems to have extended to just about everything. Most of us with the economy of the day would rather have a go at fixing or building something ourselves rather than spending money on a professional. Heating one’s swimming pool is no exception to this rule with DIY solar pool heating systems now readily available.

Many things come to mind when one thinks of the great State of California. Beaches, sun, sand and that famous governor are just a few of the many images that spring to mind. Those that live in the sun filled state tend to have a swimming pool as a part of their home. This both adds value while offering relief from that sometimes-brutal California sun.

Have you been thinking of installing a swimming pool as an extension of your home? Or do you have a pool but wish that you could get more use out of it throughout the day and year? Many that have pools spend a significant amount of money already in the maintenance, the thought of an additional heating system driving the price up even further makes many weary.

Many people today enjoy relaxing in a hot tub at the end of the day. Especially after many hours at the office, many look forward to just sitting, soaking and relaxing. Now there are solar hot tubs and they are fantastic. Why would anyone want to be without one when they offer so much?

Solar powered spas are interesting in respect to the workmanship that is involved and all it has to offer. They come in a large variety of shapes and colors for you to choose from. Be sure to pick a shape that you are comfortable with and a color that will blend in with your back-yard space. If your back yard is garnished in multiple trees and more dirt than grass you might want to consider a solar spa that is decorated with neutral colors. Tan, beige, white, powder blue will blend in nicely with this type of environment.

Are you looking to save money on your monthly electric bill? Are you in the market for a solar hot tub in the USA? The price of energy utilities and the price of gas has been a growing issue. Though you may be interested in a hot tub for personal pleasure, what type of hot tub should you buy?

There are benefits to installing a solar hot tub that you might find of interest providing you are in the market to buy a solar hot tub.

Cedar hot tubs with solar power have a unique and majestic beauty all their own. They have a rustic outward appearance that fits right into the environment, no matter where someone resides. They are crafted from natural wood, cedar being the most popular wood of choice for its exquisite appearance and its durability.